Hanging Lake, Colorado – 4.25″ x 4.25″ Ceramic Coaster

$8.00 Each

This pristine lake hangs in the balance high above the canyon walls near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A popular tourist destination, Hanging Lake was nearly loved to death by visitors. A permit system was established to allow a designated number of hikers in for enjoyment. The trailhead can be accessed via Glenwood Canyon. Rocky and steep, the trail passes along Deadhorse Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River, then leads hikers to the lake which was created by a unique “fault” long ago. Our 4.25″ x 4.25″ ceramic coaster features the falls that cascade down from this the cliff above to the tranquil turquoise waters below. Our original designs are pressed in our studio on to glazed ceramic tiles. Your coasters arrive with a protective cork affixed to the back and are ready for display.

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Weight 0.70 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in